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Twitter to Debut a New Main Homepage Next Week

Twitter will unveil a new main homepage next week at, said co-founder Biz Stone, in order “to better show who we are.”

In an interview with BoomTown this afternoon, Stone said the current page is essentially confusing to the masses of people who come to it, made aware of the microblogging service by the massive media hype it has received over the last year.

People arriving at the new main homepage will be greeted by a search box, information on Twitter trends and a panoply of more specific information about how they can use Twitter.

“You can try it out without having to sign up, so you can get an idea of what Twitter is before you use it,” said Stone. “We need to do a better job of explaining ourselves to people who hear about us and then have no idea what do to.”

Stone is right.

As you can see below (click on the image to make it larger), the current main homepage is pretty lame now, with a picture of a bird on a branch, some cursory explanatory what-why-how information, a link to a video and some media kudos, as well as an ability to sign on.


Stone said the goal is to make the page as lively as Twitter is.

“We have to turn a lot of awareness into engagement,” said Stone. “Our front page is not reflective of that right now.”

Thus, the San Francisco-based company has redone its homepage to be more interactive.

Said Stone: “We want it to show us as a place where people can discover what is going on in real-time and much more.”

It’s an interesting move for Twitter since the service could use a more robust homepage to give it more of a unified feeling.

Currently, users interact only with their own pages and do not use any central Twitter hub.

Eventually, although Stone did not say this was a goal, Twitter could use a more programmed homepage to feature popular subjects, tweets and more.

Part of the effort to make Twitter understandable is a new site called “Twitter 101,” which Stone said was to give companies a way to understand how to use Twitter.

(You can see the site here.)

In a blog post on Twitter 101 today, Stone wrote:

“We coordinated with business students and writers to surface some interesting findings, best practices, steps for getting started, and case studies. The results demonstrate how customers are getting value out of Twitter and suggest techniques businesses can employ to enhance that value. While this work was envisioned for businesses, it’s also useful for anyone using Twitter so have a look if you like.”

As an added bonus, here is a full video of Stone and Twitter CEO Evan Williams talking about the innovative start-up in an onstage interview with Walt Mossberg and me at the D: All Things Digital conference in late May:


Twitter via SMS em Portugal


Com a TMN pode agora enviar e receber mensagens da sua conta do Twitter por SMS.

Pode enviar os seus tweets (mensagens para o Twitter) a qualquer momento de forma simples com o simples envio de um SMS para o número 3200 (tem de se registar antes). Cada SMS enviado tem um custo de apenas 5 cêntimos (IVA incluído à taxa de 20%).

Pode também escolher receber todas as Direct Messages bem como todos os tweets de terceiros onde seja mencionado. Os SMS recebidos são gratuitos numa fase promocional (o fim do período promocional ser-lhe-á comunicado com 30 dias de antecedência).

Pode ainda configurar um PIN para garantir que ninguém usa o seu telemóvel para usar o Twitter por si.

Twitter verified account (beta testing)

What is a verified account?

To prevent identity confusion, Twitter is experimenting (beta testing) with a ‘Verified Account’ feature. We’re working to establish authenticity with people who deal with impersonation or identity confusion on a regular basis. Accounts with a Verified are the real thing!

What does it mean?

With this feature, you can easily see which accounts we know are ‘real’ and authentic. That means we’ve been in contact with the person or entity the account is representing and verified that it is approved. (This does not mean we have verified who, exactly, is writing the tweets.)

This also does not mean that accounts without the ‘Verified Account’ badge are fake. The vast majority of accounts on the system are not impersonators, and we don’t have the ability to check 100% of them. For now, we’ve only verified a handful of accounts to help with cases of mistaken identity or impersonation.

One thing you can do if we haven’t verified an account you’re wondering about is to check the official web site of the person and see if there’s a link back to their Twitter profile. (Again, lack of a link does not imply impersonation, either.)


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Twitteroo: Twitter .NET API


Do you possess an undying urge to make something in .NET that can communicate with Nicole and I sure do. That’s why we made Twitteroo. We figure that there are more people out there like we are, so we’ve made the TwitterooCore Library available for download.

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Twitter mania

Acabo de descobrir completamente acaso o Twitter, que pelos vistos tem tanto de inútil como de viciante (é o que vão dizendo por aí).

testando…… 😉

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Ajax load info

Crie os seus loaders para ajax em