Using the old HTTP SMS developed by Cardboardfish, enterprise acquired by MBLox and then by

The issue: was using the httpsms.dll developed by Cardboardfish, in a .net platform running .net fx 4.5.

on 10 june 2021, the Atlas HTTP SMS Migration completed and the New FQDNs changed to new ones with http (443).

Impact MT/MO/DLR: API calls to the legacy Mblox Atlas HTTP SMS API URLs will be responded with HTTP status 302.

Client Action Required: Client applications to switchover their API calls to the new Atlas HTTP SMS API URLs below.

Please find the old and New URLs as below:

RegionOld FQDNs ImpactedOld PortsNew FQDNsNew Ports
EUsms1.mblox.com9444 (HTTPS)/9001 (HTTP)eu1.httpgw.api.sinch.com443 (HTTPS) only
EUsms1.cardboardfish.com9444 (HTTPS)/9001 (HTTP)eu1.httpgw.api.sinch.com443 (HTTPS) only
EUsms5.mblox.com9444 (HTTPS)/9001 (HTTP)eu2.httpgw.api.sinch.com443 (HTTPS) only
USsms2.mblox.coml9444 (HTTPS)/9001 (HTTPus1.httpgw.api.sinch.com443 (HTTPS) only
USsms2.cardboardfish.com9444 (HTTPS)/9001 (HTTP)us1.httpgw.api.sinch.com443 (HTTPS) only
USsms3.mblox.com9444 (HTTPS)/9001 (HTTP)us2.httpgw.api.sinch.com443 (HTTPS) only
USsms3.cardboardfish.com9444 (HTTPS)/9001 (HTTP)us2.httpgw.api.sinch.com443 (HTTPS) only

The solution is to migrate to REST API, or upgrade the dll to new FQDN.

To upgrade is needed the source files and have recompiled it.

The REST API and HTTP SMS in .net 4.5 the Webrequest must deal with https:

worked using: 
ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = CType(3072, SecurityProtocolType)
ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = (SecurityProtocolType)3072;


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