Expired SCVMM certificate

The BITS client job failed to succeed for \srv-scvmm\c$\asd\SW_asdC_STD_MLF_X22-74300.ISO when attempting Start-BitsTransfer resource with following error: The date in the certificate is invalid or has expired

Restart BITS service and try the operation again. Also make sure that the client has permissions on the source and the destination.

ID: 24366

Possible resolution:

Restart BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service)

Delete the expired certificate from the VMM server’s Personal Store and create a new one:


$credential = get-credential

Get-VMMManagedComputer -ComputerName “VMM-Server.domain.com” | Register-SCVMMManagedComputer -Credential $credential

You will now get a new certificate which is valid for 5 years.

Get-SCVMMServer if command not recognized.

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