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Hack Attack : Disable UAC for Certain Applications in Vista

If you are a Windows Vista user, there is nothing more bugging than the UAC in Windows Vista. UAC which was supposed to bring improved security in Windows, does it pretty well but at the cost of user friendliness.

There are lots of apps and softwares that I run on my Machine, and Vista bugs me everytime I open them. For quite some time I’ve been looking to disable UAC for select applications, rather than disabling it all together, as that could possibly create a security havoc. After some time looking around for a solution, I finally found a solution that was recommended by Microsoft, and even Worked pretty well for me.

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Windows Vista

Open an Elevated Command Prompt in Six Keystrokes

User Account Control is, an important part of the security protection that Windows Vista offers.

For any user with administrative credentials, you can always execute a process with full admin rights by right-clicking on the executable or shortcut and choosing “Run as Administrator”.

For myself, I regularly want to open an admin-level command prompt, and it’s a distraction to have to move my hands off the keyboard to go through the elevation contortions. So I was delighted to find a little keyboard shortcut for launching an elevated process. Simply press Ctrl+Shift+Enter from the search bar on the start menu with a selected application, and that triggers elevation.

For example, to launch an elevated command prompt, simply press the Win key; type cmd; press Ctrl+Shift+Enter; and then hit Alt+C to confirm the elevation prompt.

Six keystrokes to an elevated command prompt!

(Once I’ve got an elevated command prompt, I always like to execute color 4f as my first input so that this console window is visually differentiated from other non-elevated windows.)


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Windows Vista

Ficheiro SetupComplete.cmd (exemplo)


@echo off
start /wait regedit.exe /s c:\windows\setup\vistaregsettings.reg

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Windows Vista

Windows Vista Tips

Source link:

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Windows Vista

Windows Vista Deployment Step by Step Guide


This document provides instructions for implementing a basic image-based deployment of Microsoft® Windows Vista™ operating system. We recommend that you first use the steps provided in this guide in a test lab environment as a means to become familiar with new and updated deployment features and technologies available in Windows Vista.

Step-by-step guides are not necessarily meant to be used to deploy Windows Vista operating system features without accompanying documentation (as listed in the Additional Resources section) and should be used with discretion as stand-alone documents.

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Windows Vista

10 Things You Need to Know about Deploying Windows Vista

by Michael Niehaus 
  1. New desktop deployment methods
  2. Changes in Windows setup
  3. Tools to help you get started

You’ve deployed Windows XP in the past, and now you’re thinking ahead to Windows Vista. Whether you’ll be deploying to 10, 100, or 100,000 computers, just knowing how the process has changed from Windows XP will make the deployment run much more smoothly.

So here are 10 deployment differences between Windows® XP and Windows Vistaâ„¢ that you’ll be glad you discovered when it’s time to make the move.

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