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GMaps Geocoder Accuracy and Zoom level

Geo Address Accuracy

The Google Maps API development team released a small  improvement to their Geocoding API: the ability to get the response’s accuracy level for a given address.

This feature enables applications to modify their zoom level according to the precision of the address that’s being geocoded, for example, “Paris” at the city zoom level, but “1 rue Royale, 75008 Paris” at the much more precise street address zoom level.

What the Google geocoder actually outputs (see reference) is a value between 1 and 8. And the GMaps zoom level is an integer between 1 and 19. So the question is: given a geocoding accuracy, which zoom level should I use to display the place? I didn’t find any answer to that question on the web so I decided to make up my own correspondence between the two scales.

Any such correspondence is bound to be imperfect since two different cities can have very different sizes, however the method usually outputs a decent result.

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