With the arrival and availability of its latest e-mail service, the Outlook.com, Microsoft takes a giant step forward in renewing the service Hotmail disponibilizava, and seeks to bring back all users over the years were opting for other services that were appearing and showed themselves better.This email service based on the Internet has all the features you would expect from a similar platform, but also brought some of the features that were already in Hotmail, albeit reinvented and adapted to this new platform.

One of the most interesting that we have at Outlook.com is the ability to create email addresses associated with your personal account. Watch as they can.

A modern interface: faster and cleaner
The simple, fluid and interactive design of Outlook makes it easy to use whether you’re on a desktop, phone or tablet.

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Get an Outlook email address for your new inbox
You can get a new email address from Outlook. You don’t have to worry about your contacts and previous emails, you’ll keep them. And, you’ll continue receiving messages sent to your Hotmail address.

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Bring your inbox to life — Connect Facebook and Twitter
Connect and see your friends’ Facebook updates and Tweets directly in your inbox. Your contacts’ information is automatically in sync so you don’t miss a thing.

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