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DHCP Database Topics

Perhaps you have never given the DHCP database a thought. Well the time may come where you need to backup, reconcile or compact the DHCP database. At the very least, I expect you will want to check your lease statistics.
Tutorial Topics for DHCP Database

  • DHCP – Display Statistics
  • DHCP Database
  • Backing up the DHCP Database
  • Reconcile
  • DHCP Audit Log
  • Summary – Challenges

DHCP – Display Statistics

Bizarrely, I find ‘Display Statistics’ the most difficult tab to find on the DHCP server. This is because it’s the first item on the menu, and is often masked by the very highlight that should attract me. I just hope that you are not afflicted by this blind spot. In any event, Display Statistics is one of the most interesting and rewarding items on the DHCP menu.

Display Statistics is available at both the server and the scope level. My first thought is, ‘How many leases are left?’ Next, I look to see if there have been any NACKS or lease declines. See the screen shot to find the Display Statistics… menu.

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