xRTML: eXtensible Realtime Markup Language is the language for Realtime.

xRTMLxRTML allows you to build real time enabled websites very easily in an html like language. With APIs for all the major server side languages such as ASP.Net, PHP, JSP and more.
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xRTML is just like HTML

Turn HTML into xRTMLUsing xRTML you can now unfold the power of Realtime and develop highly interactive websitesjust as if you were doing regular HTML. Adding our library is a breeze and, with as few as a single line of code, you can send and receive data to and from your users. One of them or ALL of them, simultaneously!”Part of the Realtime Framework, xRTML is a patented HTML-like markup language that allows you to add Realtime features to your website.”

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