Windows Powershell


Powershell is a command line tool which devloped by Microsoft. Exchange Server 2007 script ability has been depaned on the Windows powershell command line. here we have some important commands of powershell.

Powershell :-Launch a powershell session
Write-Debug :-Write a debug message to the host display
Write-Error:- Write an object to the error pipeline.
Write-Output:- echo Write an object to the pipeline
Write-Progress:- Display a progress bar
Write-Verbose:- Write a string to the host’s verbosedisplay
Write-Warning :-Write a warning message
Set:-Acl Set permissions
Get:-Eventlog Get eventlog data
Get:-ExecutionPolicy Get the execution policy for the shell
Measure:-Command Measure running time
Trace:-Command Trace an expression or command
Clear:-Host clear/cls Clear the screen
Out:-Printer lp Send the output to a printer
Out:-String Send objects to the host as strings
Join:-Path Combine a path and child-path
Resolve:-Path rvpa Resolves the wildcards in a path
Split:-Path Return part of a path
Clear:-Variable clv Remove the value from a variable
Where:-Object where Filter input from the pipeline
While:- (condition) {action} else {action}
Get:-WMIobject Get WMI class information

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